Call for Papers

for a proposed session at the GSA 2006


Alles eine Frage der Generation: Generations, the Past, and Memory


The popularity of the term “generation” has increased of late. Used in reference to time periods, groups of people, movements, and societal and political conflicts, the concept of a “generation” has become a loaded one: das Junge Deutschland, the generation of Young Vienna, the generation of 68er, generation X (and Y); websites that advertise the generation terrorism, and last but not least the “Enkelgeneration” referring to the next “generation” of German Vergangenheitsbewältigung.


In this panel, we seek to approach the concept of generation from different angles and time periods. How did the concept shift and why is it a useful category for discussion? How does the perception of present and past generations influence the production and reception of literature, art, and film?


Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

-         conflicts between generations

-         works that define or fall between generations

-         generation as a commodity

-         generation as a trend

-         the analysis of a generation

-         generational memories

-         “generation” as a modern/postmodern concept


Please email your abstract by February 10 to either Ulrike Peters Nichols at [log in to unmask] or Susanne Kelley at [log in to unmask].


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