Seeing substitute panelist for GSA 2006 conference panel.

I am putting together a panel on "Disability in Germany" for the annual meeting of the German Studies Association in Pittsburgh in late September and one of our panelists just had to withdraw at the last minute.  I am seeking a substitute.

The aim of this panel is to examine attitudes and experiences of disability and/or the disabled body in Germany and German-speaking Europe.

Possible topics could include:

a) representations of disability in 20th C German literature
b) rehabilitation and disability medicine in Central Europe
c) welfare, voluntary associations and/or other types of organized Fuersorge for disabled Germans
d) the disabled or "deviant" body in Germany
e) gender and disability
f) disability culture

Although this is the German Studies Conference, papers and scholarship relating to the history or experience of disability in any German-speaking land (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, or the Austro-Hungarian Empire including ethnic communities within the A-H) are eligible for consideration.  You can find out more information on the GSA and its annual conference at:

Please send 500 word proposals and a brief CV indicating degree status by Feb 15, 2006 to:

Heather Perry, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
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Heather Perry
Prof. Heather R. Perry
Department of History
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
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