Call for Papers for regular session GERMAN II (1700-1933)
at SAMLA annual convention 2006 in Charlotte, NC

Minds in Ecstasy:
Altered States of Consciousness in 19th- and 20th-Century German Literature
and Theory

In Dionysian ecstasy, or mystical illumination, or meditative absorption;
under the influence of alcohol, of hallucinogenic drugs, or of music
(Wagnerian or not); in deliriums of fever, of carnival, of love; in states
of panic, mass euphoria, madness; and every time we dream: There are
numerous and manifold situations in which the human mind operates in ways
notably different from the usual mode of waking consciousness, situations in
which perceptions and imaginations turn strange, feelings of unfamiliar
quality emerge, and things may appear inexplicably meaningful.  In this
panel, we will discuss literary representations of minds in any such “other”
condition, with a particular interest in the narrative means and strategies
employed to make possible the communication of what are often felt to be
incommunicable, ineffable experiences.  We also welcome papers on
anthropological, psychological, or otherwise philosophical considerations
the subject of “altered” states of consciousness has received in German
intellectual history.

Please send in proposals as e-mail attachments to

Karsten Gogolin (panel chair), Johns Hopkins University
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 (Deadline: April 1, 2006.)

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