Affect and Sympathy in Romanticism

Special session to be proposed for the MLA Annual Convention 2006 in  
Philadelphia, PA

The idea of the autonomous individual in the Romantic period emerged  
together with a notion of autonomous affects—of affects that are  
created by the individual, rather than being caused by sensual  
stimuli.  How is it possible for an individual to create its own  
affects (feelings or moods)?  How could such autonomous affects be  
conveyed to others?  Would they have to be recreated by the others?   
If yes, would such creative affective transfer threaten the notion of  
sympathy, of feeling together?  What is the relationship between  
affect and sympathy in Romanticism?

Papers are sought that explore the relationship between affect and  
sympathy in European and American Romantic literature, art, and thought.

Please send 250-500 word abstracts by March 15, 2006 to  
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May Mergenthaler, Department of German, Princeton University

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