Love at the Turn of the Millennium


Modern Language Association (MLA), Philadelphia, December 27 to 30, 2006


Pursuing the question whether love is still perceived as eternal and timeless, this call seeks papers on narratives of love and desire in recent German literature. Papers might investigate, among other topics, to what extent depictions of love relationships are influenced by the political, social, and cultural developments of the past decades in the German-speaking countries, where authors place their works - intentionally or unintentionally - within the tradition of love literature and what conventions of this tradition they continue, revive, or break, what genres most prominently discuss these questions, and how the literary market influences the depiction of love and desire.


Please send one-page abstracts by March 15, 2006 to Esther Bauer at [log in to unmask]


Panelists are required to be members of the MLA by April 7, 2006.

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