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2006 Conference of the German Studies Association in Pittsburgh, 
Pennsylvania September 28 - October 1, 2006

YMAGINA (Young Medievalist Germanists in North America) is pleased to 
announce a call for papers for three sessions at the 2006 GSA 
conference in Pittsburgh:

*Sight and Sound in the Middle Ages*
This panel welcomes papers dealing with visuality and aurality in 
medieval Germany; the cultural relevance of sound in medieval ritual, 
ceremony, courtly culture or warfare; silence and cacophony; theories 
and codification of vision in the Middle Ages; is there an auditory 
equivalent to "the Gaze"?; perception and Wahrnehmung of sensory input; 
unusual or transgressive sights or sounds; scientific or medical 
treatises on sight and sound / eye and ear; the relationship between 
oral performance and visual spectacle; breakdowns of vision; noise.

*“Medieval”: Finding the End of an Age*
This panel invites papers on periodization and cultural 
(trans)formation in late-medieval Germany; on endpoints, crossovers and 
discontinuities of historical or cultural impulses; on the meaning of 
“medieval”; falling out of fashion; repetitions and invoking the past; 
late-medieval nostalgia; cultural friction with the avant-garde; on 
finding (or blurring) the boundary between medieval and Early Modern.

*...gar untiutsch. Encounters with non-Germans in the German Middle 
This is an omnibus panel for papers on the concept of foreignness in 
medieval Germany; constructing German identity in the Middle Ages; 
foreign travel; border-crossings; the impact of foreign things on 
medieval Germany; on “outlandishness” and cultural belonging; on being 
German without a Germany; inclusions and exclusions; monstrosity and 
non-human interaction; on language contact and linguistic 

We are seeking papers of 15 to 20 minutes length, in German or English. 
Please send an abstract (max 250 words) and a brief vita or CV which 
includes institutional affiliation by Feb 15th to *both* of the 
following organizers (e-mail submissions preferred):

Dr. William Layher			Dr. Kirsten M. Christensen
Dept. of Germanic Languages		Dept. of Langs. and Literatures
Washington University in St Louis	Pacific Lutheran University
St Louis, MO  63130  USA		Tacoma, WA 98447 USA
Phone 1-314-935-8620			Phone 1-253-535-8775
Fax 1-314-935-7255			Fax  1-253-536-8132
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