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Mufti, Aamir R. "Global Comparativism." Chicago: Winter 2005. Vol.31, Iss. 2
 pg. 472, 18 pgs



It is famously the case that in his major works at least, Edward Said seems
to be concerned chiefly, if not entirely, with the canonical literatures of
the modern West, either bracketing off the cultural production and
trajectories of non-Western societies or bringing to them modes of attention
distinct from, and far less compelling than, those he has developed for a
critical reengagement with the Western tradition. Muftic claims that
elements of a consideration of the conditions under which such literatures
may and must be brought into the purview of contemporary humanistic
knowledge are present in relatively developed form in Said's work. He points
to some of the elements and suggest a number of of ways in which they may be
put into articulation.


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Sometime in the last few years there was an article in _Critical

Inquiry_ responding to Edward Said's flawed critique of _Mansfield

Park_. I've got it around the house someplace but my copies of CI are

scattered & I can't locate it. I also forget its title and the author's

name. I need to refer to it in a post I'm writing on a different list.

Can anyone provide the citation for me -- author, title, issue of CI.


Thanks in advance.


Carrol Cox