No.  It was the fault of the author for not making sure his work was accurate.

What is this nonsense about graduate students?  Did your graduate supervisor accept lousy work from you?  I don't get it.


Rickard A. Parker wrote:
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"Loucks, James" wrote:
Very inwteresting. It almost looks like sabotage, or really bad
editing/typesetting -- or the author's trying to recall these
quotations from memory -- there are just too many errors to be
believed in Rainey's work under review.

I bet it was the fault of some grad student re-typing the essay
instead of scanning it in and editing that text.  I've done a lot of
both and fixing a scan is better (but even that is a lot of hard work.)
I produced a version of "From Ritual to Romance" by comparing an online
version of it in the original UK English with another version in US
English and using a book to resolve the differences.  Even having
electronic text to start with and using computerized editing tools it
took about forty hours work to get a more correct version of the UK
English text.  And then I recently found a website that had taken what
I had done and commenting that that had to be fixed (I haven't yet asked
how I screwed up.)

    Rick Parker