T. R. Stratton wrote:

> Sure there is.  Terra Haute is one of the closest major cities to St.
> Louis (and was comparatively larger in 1900 than now), and there would
> be train lines (nowadays interstate highways) heading in that direction
> so he probably saw the name frequently growing up.

One would have to find some old railway maps and schedules, but the
probability is that he even went through it on a train on his way to

You can take the boy out of the midwest but you can't take the midwest
out of the boy!

Pound somewhere speaks of a distinguished critic & wife who mistakenly
took lodging in a bordello in Europe. (Probably in the Cantos, but I
don't remember where explicitly.) Honeymooning in Europe, gawking at
"KULCHER," then going back home to some midwestern town is almost an
archetype. "How can you keep them down on the farm / After they've seen
gay paree."