There is a review of James E. Miller Jr.'s "T.S. Eliot: The Making of
an American Poet" in today's "Ideas" section of the Sunday Boston
Globe (1/1/06, page C3). It and a large picture of "T.S. Eliot in
1906, at age 19" (sic., in late 1906 he turned 18) take up the full

The review is titled "The artist as a young mandarin" and is by David
Barber.  A synopsis is:
   "Before Paris, before London, a young T.S. Eliot discovered
   the salons and streets of bohemian Boston in the early 1910s.
   The effects are still with us."
No wonder the Globe gave such prominence to the review.

The review and the picture can be seen online at

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't read Miller's book yet as he was the
one who turned me on to Eliot.

    Rick Parker