Thank you for the Waters essay Vishvesh.  I liked the first part at
least but then I grew a bit weary.

It may be that the main purpose for lit. crit. and book reviews these
days is to have a handle with which to serve up a good essay.  But
then that is the complain of Waters -- they are used to discuss ideas.

> De Man's stock has been sinking a bit, and Michaels's assault - no
> matter how ill founded - can only help me sell the tarnished
> goods. Let a thousand flowers bloom. Who cares if they be but poppies?

I really liked the cynicism and allusion in that.

Waters again:
> With an authoritarian zeal reminiscent of the moralism that caused New
> Englanders to drown witches centuries ago, ...

Nah, we Yankees hanged them.  In the South some were hanged at sea.

TSE to Pound: "I can't help it, my great-grandfather was on the same
witch jury as Nat Hawthorne's great-grandfather, and I just naturally
smell out witches etc."

    Rick Parker