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Call for Papers:


Politikerinnen: Women’s Political Careers in Germany


Wanted: Paper proposals as well as offers to serve as chair or discussant on a panel on women and German politics for the German Studies Association meeting in Pittsburgh, 28 Sept. – 1 Oct. 2006. For more details on the conference see: https://www.thegsa.org/conferences/2006/index.asp.


I am interested in papers on all aspects of German women’s political careers from the initial decision to run for office, to women’s experiences within their political parties, to their experiences campaigning for elections and serving in public office. Papers that consider German women in comparative perspective would also be welcome.


If interested, please submit a 500 word paper proposal, or a CV to be considered as chair or discussant, by February 3, 2006 to:


Louise K. Davidson-Schmich

Assistant Professor of Political Science

University of Miami

Box 248047

Coral Gables, FL 33124-6534

Tel: 305.284.2143

Fax: 305.284.3636

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