2006 Conference of the German Studies Association in Pittsburgh, 
Pennsylvania September 28 - October 1, 2006

YMAGINA (Young Medievalist Germanists in North America) is pleased to 
announce a call for papers for three sessions at the 2006 GSA 
conference in Pittsburgh:

Sight and Sound in the Middle Ages
This panel welcomes papers dealing with visuality and aurality in 
medieval Germany; the cultural relevance of sound in medieval ritual, 
ceremony, courtly culture or warfare; silence and cacophany; theories 
and codification of vision in the Middle Ages; is there an auditory 
equivalent to "the Gaze"?; perception and Wahrnehmung of sensory 
input; unusual or transgressive sights or sounds; scientific or medical 
treatises on sight and sound / eye and ear; the relationship between 
oral performance and visual spectacle; breakdowns of vision; noise.

"Medieval": Finding the End of an Age
This panel invites papers on periodization and cultural 
(trans)formation in late-medieval Germany; on endpoints, crossovers and 
discontinuities of historical or cultural impulses; on the meaning of 
"medieval"; falling out of fashion; repetitions and invoking the past; 
late-medieval nostalgia; cultural friction with the avant-garde; on 
finding (or blurring) the boundary between medieval and Early Modern.

...gar untiutsch. Encounters with non-Germans in the German Middle Ages.
This is an omnibus panel for papers on the concept of foreignness in 
medieval Germany; constructing German identity in the Middle Ages; 
foreign travel; border-crossings; the impact of foreign things on 
medieval Germany; on "outlandishness" and cultural belonging; on being 
German without a Germany; inclusions and exclusions; monstrosity and 
non-human interaction; on language contact and linguistic 

We are seeking papers of 15 to 20 minutes length, in German or English. 
Please send an abstract (max 250 words) and a brief vita or CV which 
includes institutional affiliation by Feb 10th to:

Dr. William Layher
Department of Germanic Languages
Washington University in St Louis
St Louis, MO  63130  USA
Phone 1-314-935-8620
Fax 1-314-935-7255
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Thank you,
William Layher

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