Dear all,

we  are organizing a panel on "East Germany in the New Europe" for the
GSA in Pittsburgh in October. Please let us know if you are interested
in participating, Anke Pinkert and Cecilia Novero

Beyond Nostalgia: East Germany in the New Europe

The aim of this panel is to investigate the memories of the GDR and
possibly other socialist European countries as they are refracted by and
within the new Europe that is shaping up in the age of globalization.
Possible topics may include:

a) GDR studies today within European studies (new approaches to GDR studies)
b) Border crossings before and after unification in art, literature and film
c) The role and itineraries of socialism –its memories—in the
imagination of a new Europe
d) What critical visions of the concept of Europe emerge from
remembering and working through the socialist past.
e) Relations between East/ern Germany and East/ern Europe through
literature and film
f)  postcommunism and displacement

Please send 500 word proposals by Feb 5, 2006 to:
Anke Pinkert, University of Illinois at Urbana-Chamapaign ([log in to unmask])
Cecilia Novero, Penn State University ([log in to unmask])

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