Call for Papers
2006 German Studies Association Convention
 in Pittsburgh, PA September 28-October 1

Early Women Filmmakers in Germany and Austro-Hungary
A panel sponsored by the Organization of Women in German


Thanks to the discovery and analysis of previously unseen archival
materials over the past ten years, scholars of German Cinema have greatly
expanded their understanding not only of Weimar Cinema but also of the
“pre-Caligari” period before 1919. In this context, renewed attention has
been paid to the roles of women as characters, stars, and spectators. Yet
we still have given little account of the important function of women as
directors, producers, editors, screenwriters, and critics. The early
pre-Weimar period deserves particular consideration as a time of
exploration and of experimentation with the gendered division of labor in
film production. We are seeking papers that address the contributions of
and working conditions for female film workers in the silent and early
sound eras. Examples include Fern Andra, Liesl Karstadt, Thea von Harbou,
Asta Nielsen, Janet Wolf, Henny Porten, Lotte Reiniger, Leontine Sagan,
Leni Riefenstahl, Ruth Goetz, and Luise Fleck, etc. Papers on women
writing on film (Emilie Altenloh, Claire Goll, Malwine Rennert, etc.) are
also encouraged. Send one-page abstracts to Sara Hall [log in to unmask] and
Elizabeth Frye [log in to unmask] by the extended deadline of January 31,

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