Panel seeks to explore commonalities and (dis-) continuities construction of Europe in literary and philosophical texts around 1800 (mainly, but not exclusively) by writers affiliated with Romanticism and textual constructions of Europe in German-language writing today. Questions that may be asked include, but are not limited to: Do writers at both junctures use similar “anchors” (e.g. religion, symbolic language, particular metaphors)? How do they engage the non-European world? Is “Europe” merely an idea or fiction? How does Europe relate to the nation/the transnational? Will consider comparisons made in one paper and/or attempt to establish comparison through the sequence of papers in the panel.

Please contact me asap if you are interested, and send formal proposals no later than February 5. If I cannot accept your proposal for the session, I'll let you know early,  with sufficient time to submit as individual paper.

Birgit Tautz
Department of German
Bowdoin College
Brunswick, ME 04011
207 798 7079

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