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Subject:  CFP: Goethe and His Collaborators (2/9/06; GSA; 9/28/06)
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Goethe and His Collaborators:
Literary, Philosophical and Political Reflections on Collaboration and Collectivity in the Eighteenth Century

Panel Sponsored by the Goethe Society of North America
GSA: Pittsburgh, PA September 28 - Octonber 1, 2006

This panel will seek to explore the various notions of "collaboration" in the work of Goethe and his contemporaries as both an idea of collective creativity as well as political and national infidelity. In what ways was collaboration a key site of debate during the numerous political and aesthetic upheavals of the long eighteenth century? How does attention to the idea of collaboration challenge accepted scholarly narratives of eighteenth-century authorship, property and nationality? Papers are sought that identify both the various acts of collaboration (whether political or literary) among Goethe and his circle as well as their reflections on the nexus of collectivity, infidelity and creativity.
Please send proposals (ca. 500 words) and a brief cv (one paragraph) to [log in to unmask].
Deadline for submission: February 9, 2006.

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