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Cambio de Colores  Latinos in Missouri Conference News

Cambio de Colores 2006 information (April 19-21, Columbia)

Cambio de Colores 2007 Advance News

Cambio de Colores 2007 (Kansas City) Planning Committee Invitation

All interested people are invited to become members of the 2007 Planning Committee. The Planning Committee's work includes Administration (tasks: finances, logistics, public relations, fundraising, institutional linkages, cultural and social events), and Contents (determining themes and sub-themes, developing the call for abstracts, reading and evaluating them: health, education, civil rights, youth, families, communities, demographic change, diversity, wellbeing, etc.). Planning Committee business is mostly conducted by e-mail and through video-conferencing (initially monthly or so).  The time commitment is variable and voluntary.
The Planning Committee is an inclusive group with volunteer people from educational, service-providing, and grassroots institutions.  If you are interested in being a member of the Planning Committee, please send an e-mail from your own address, and you will be included in the group.  Please include the following information in your e-mail:
Initial communications will start flowing later in August.  If you have doubts about what to expect in the Planning Committee, please feel free to register now and we can take your name out at any time later.

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Domingo Martínez
Coordinator, Cambio Center

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