Hi.  My name is Edge and I am a lister/chaser.

In recent years I have been very, very fortunate.  I have birded 
Missouri extensively and have met and birded with most Missouri 
birders.  I have traveled beyond my home state frequently, birding from 
Maine to Florida to Texas and California.

I'm not boasting; just setting the stage for what I'm about to say.

Before traveling to a state to bird, I read that state's birding 
listserve(s), either by subscribing or by daily review of Siler's 
website, often for weeks before I go.

It's a great learning process.  I learn about birding areas, bird 
occurrence, travel information, and who's who in the birding community 
there so I can contact them for help or suggestions.

The general tone of the rapport among those birders, the birding style 
there and other subtle differences from state to state become apparent 
over a couple of weeks.

It should not be surprising to Mobirders that our listserve is read by 
out-of-staters for bird information, to help with travel plans, or just 
for entertainment.  And are we entertaining!

I wish I had kept a record of the number of people who, on learning I am 
from Missouri, said they read Mobirds.  And, the next comment is usually 
some variation of, "Your listserve is one of the best; it's full of 
information and you people have fun."

So, what makes it "full of information and fun?"  The diversity.  We are 
not severely limited to speaking only of the occurrence/finding of birds 
in Missouri.  We are not limited to discussions that are of interest to 
or understandable only by semi-professional birders or chasers.

When the ivory bill find story was still breaking we were not admonished 
to drop the thread immediately because it was not a Missouri bird.  
Believe it or not, more than one listserve was informed that the ivory 
bill discussion was irrelevant to that state and they must stop posting 
about it or be dropped from the listserve!

At least one person has called for a tighter rein from the list owner.  
The basic factor in why Mobirds is one of the nation's best bird 
oriented listserves is that the list owner has governed with an even, 
tolerant hand, and that we have responded by showing our appreciation of 
that tolerance by policing ourselves.

Our transgressions of the basic rules have been few.  Our most frequent 
line of departure is political commentary--understandable in that it is 
such a pervasive topic and governmental policy and practice affect birds 

On several occasions the identification/misidentification of a bird has 
generated heated debate.  Many feathers have been ruffled substantially 
in that manner.  Most tend to settle down, sometimes a gentle pull on 
those reins has been required.  Usually we all learn from the 
particulars of the discussion, and our birding skills are often honed in 
the process.

We certainly do not keep the bird topics limited to current occurrence 
of Missouri birds--oh, how impoverished we would be if we were so 
limited!  It seems foolish to me to close discussion (and our intellect) 
to bird-related information generated beyond our borders or by 

Yes, there are often threads that do not strike everyone's interest. 
Most of us do not monitor bluebird boxes.  Few have a backyard water 
feature.  Most cannot go to the bootheel to seek the immature white 
ibises or to Weston Bend for an anhinga.  Many have no opportunity to 
see for themselves what is being seen in Illinois or Kansas or Iowa.  It 
is probable that very few (if any) of us will ever see that ivory bill.  
Most of us already know the differences between a Carolina and a 
Black-capped Chickadee and where we are most likely to encounter one or 
the other.  Trip reports from Arizona or south Texas or Wyoming or the 
Maryland eastern shore may seem like science fiction to  a large 
segment.  Some don't give a hoot when the last martin heads south.  
Nearly all of us know about conjunctivitis in house finches.

Daily I lightly scan some Mobirds message or even opt to delete before 
reading some because the subject is not of interest to me or, more 
frequently, because I can't follow up on the information.  Often when I 
do read something I thought would hold little for me I am pleasantly 
surprised and rewarded with new knowledge.

Split the listserve?  Limit the current one to a topic line to reflect a 
small group's      narrow interest?  Oh, how impoverished we would 

Again, if you aren't interested in the topic; if you are tired of a 
discussion:  HIT THE DELETE KEY.  Don't impoverish others because your 
interests of the moment are not consistent with everyone's.

If you would like to see firsthand what splitting the listserve would be 
like, go to Siler's page   and check out the 
situation for Florida (4 groups).

Read the subjects of recent posts to Colorado's 2 lists below.  From 
most of the subject lines it's kinda hard to tell which is which, isn't 
it?  Main difference is the number of particpants.

Colorado A

01 Sep Information Request on Oaxaca Mexico [Toni Rautus ]
1 Sep Yard Birds ["Norma Erickson" ]
1 Sep Cassin's Vireo, Townsend's Warbler, El Paso County ["Tracy 
Bookman" ]
1 Sep Request for car-pooling ["Nick Komar" ]
1 Sep Ploosters! ["William H Kaempfer" ]
01 Sep Chukkar east of Boulder [Myron & Suzi Plooster ]
1 Sep Lewis's Woodpecker and other migrants, Larimer co. [Arvind 
Panjabi ]
1 Sep AVAS website updated ["Leon Bright" ]
01 Sep Yard birds Western tanagers [Myron & Suzi Plooster ]
31 Aug Ruffed Grouse??? [Ernest Maples ]
1 Sep Colorado RBA, September 1, 2005 ["JOYCE TAKAMINE" ]
31 Aug DFO meeting, Sept. 7 []
31 Aug fossil creek , larimer county 8/31 ["jason ryan" ]
31 Aug Stearns Lake, 8/31 ["JOYCE TAKAMINE" ]
31 Aug Colorado RBA, August 31, 2005 ["JOYCE TAKAMINE" ]
30 Aug Cherry Creek State Park Warblers ["Bob Brown" ]
30 Aug Colorado RBA, August 30, 2005 ["JOYCE TAKAMINE" ]
29 Aug Bioblitz count coming up ["Skot Latona" ]
29 Aug Eurasian Collard-dove North of Ft Lupton off Hwy 85 [Jeremy 
Francisco ]
29 Aug Stearns Lake, 8/29 ["JOYCE TAKAMINE" ]
29 Aug Sage thrasher family, Delta County ["Bill / Cheryl Day" ]
29 Aug Laughing Gull @ Ft. Collins ["Dixie R. Smith" ]
29 Aug Gunnison Townsend's Warbler and Cassin's Vireo []
28 Aug Taiga Merlins-RMNP/8/28/05 ["Joe Elliott" ]
29 Aug Colorado RBA, August 29, 2005 ["JOYCE TAKAMINE" ]
28 Aug Great Boulder-Larimer Raptors [Scott Taylor ]
28 Aug Magnificent Hummingbirds updates-Bad News [Jeff Webster ]
28 Aug Chico Basin Ranch Saturday []
28 Aug Larimer and Weld counties - 8/28 []
28 Aug found men's eyeglasses at Walden/Sawhill ["JOYCE TAKAMINE" ]
28 Aug DFO members []
28 Aug Cherry Creek State Park Sunday ["Bob Brown" ]
28 Aug Terrible News from NM []
28 Aug Colorado RBA, August 28, 2005 ["JOYCE TAKAMINE" ]
27 Aug County lists update (lifetime and horizontal) for September [Mark 
Peterson ]
27 Aug black vulture pics and RFI ["Bev Baker" ]
27 Aug Fwd: Evening Grossbeaks [Donna Emmons ]
27 Aug Walden Ponds, Boulder County, 27 August 2005 ["Ted Floyd" ]
27 Aug Sabine's Gull and Red Phalarope at Barr Lake ["Glenn Walbek" ]
27 Aug Yellow-crowned Night-heron re-found today at Carp Lake (El Paso 
County) - pictures ["Jeff J Jones" ]
27 Aug Colorado RBA, August 27, 2005 ["JOYCE TAKAMINE" ]
26 Aug Friday birding in NE Colorado... ["Joey Kellner" ]
25 Aug Boulder County Thursday []
25 Aug CFO Sprague's and Gyr trips [Nathan Pieplow ]
25 Aug Black Vulture update ["Duane Nelson" ]
25 Aug FW: Yellow-crowned Nigh-Heron still at Carp Lake ["Jeff J Jones" ]
25 Aug Pheucticus ID []
25 Aug Lakewood -- escaped parrot ["Nancy Burek" ]
25 Aug Black Vulture Pics ["Rachel Hopper" ]
25 Aug NPR Morning Edition "Audio Evidence of Ivory-Billed Woodpecker" []
25 Aug ADDENDUM: "BBC Field Trip Sat with Ted Floyd" ["Ted Floyd" ]
24 Aug New Denver member [cheshirekat ]

Colorado B

1 Sep Colorado Statewide Noon Bird Report & RBA ["suemdorsey AT" ]
1 Sep Colorado Statewide Noon Bird Report & RBA ["suemdorsey AT" ]
1 Sep Where did West Nile Virus go? ["suemdorsey AT" ]
1 Sep Bird banding monitors [Gary Zeeto ]
01 Sep How Are Gas Prices Affecting Birding? ["Gary Lefko" ]
01 Sep New Wyoming Birding Website ["Gary Lefko" ]
31 Aug Colorado Statewide Noon Bird Report & RBA [Lisa Novin ]
30 Aug Tuesday Warblers [Lisa Novin ]
30 Aug Colorado Statewide Noon Bird Report & RBA [Lisa Novin ]
29 Aug Townsend's Warbler in Gunnison [Steve Owdom ]
30 Aug Stilt Sandpiper (3) at Wellington SWA (Larimer) ["Gary Lefko" ]
29 Aug No Subject []
29 Aug Pawnee NG [Steve Spencer ]
29 Aug Lost falconry bird south of DIA [Lisa Novin ]
29 Aug Birds at Rocky Mountain National park ["Stan Roth" ]
29 Aug Colorado Statewide Noon Bird Report & RBA [Lisa Novin ]
29 Aug Proposed Colorful Colorado Birding Trail Logo ["Gary Lefko" ]
28 Aug Great Black-backed Gull and Yellow-crowned Night-Heron ["Richard 
Stevens" ]
28 Aug Colorado Statewide Noon Bird Report & RBA [Lisa Novin ]
27 Aug Egrets (20) Boulder County ["Gary Lefko" ]
27 Aug Additional Saturday birds [Lisa Novin ]
27 Aug Chatfield Reservoir []
26 Aug Interesting Bird Sightings 8/19 to 8/26 [Lisa Novin ]
26 Aug Sage Thrashers and N. Mockingbird at Doudy Draw [Lisa Novin ]
26 Aug Past Philadelphia Vireo sightings [Lisa Novin ]
26 Aug Philadelphia Vireo sighting ["Roger Danka" ]
26 Aug Colorado Statewide Noon Bird Report ["Richard Stevens" ]
26 Aug North Park birding this week! ["Richard Stevens" ]
26 Aug Northern Colorado Thursday ["Richard Stevens" ]
26 Aug Great Egret (2) St Vrain State Park (Weld) ["Gary Lefko" ]
25 Aug Colorado Statewide Morning Bird Report & RBA ["suemdorsey AT" ]
25 Aug MacGillivray's Warbler at WCR 120 (Weld)/ Osprey (2) Ft Collins 
["Gary Lefko" ]
24 Aug Barr Lake [Steve Spencer ]
24 Aug Colorado Statewide Noon Bird Report & RBA ["suemdorsey AT" ]
24 Aug Black Vulture & Red Knot ["suemdorsey AT" ]
23 Aug No Black Vulture ["Leonard Turville" ]
23 Aug Colorado Statewide Noon Bird Report & RBA [Lisa Novin ]
22 Aug North Park Bird Trip ["Bryan Ehlmann" ]
22 Aug Townsends Warbler, Purple Martins, etc ["Roger Danka" ]
22 Aug Colorado Statewide Noon Bird Report & RBA [Lisa Novin ]
22 Aug Black Vulture at John Martin Res. ["Leonard Turville" ]
22 Aug North Park birding last week ["Richard Stevens" ]
21 Aug Area reservoirs Sunday ["Richard Stevens" ]
21 Aug Sandpipers, Longspurs, Warblers (Cheyenne, WY) ["Gary Lefko" ]
21 Aug Jefferson County birds, additional directions ["suemdorsey AT" ]
21 Aug Colorado Statewide Morning Bird Report & RBA ["suemdorsey AT" ]
21 Aug Stilt, Least Sandpipers at WCR 124 Ponds (Weld) ["Gary Lefko" ]
20 Aug Yard Chukars (Nunn) ["Gary Lefko" ]
19 Aug Colorado Bird Report & RBA ["donfortney AT" ]
19 Aug Raptor Release Help Request ["Gary Lefko" ]
18 Aug Colorado Morning Bird Report & RBA [Donna L Fortney ]
18 Aug Chestnut-Sided Warbler/Cassin's Kingbird (Weld) ["Gary Lefko" ]

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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