Wow, you guys are old, but then again, I'm 42 and sometimes find myself considering the rapid passage of time. But, no matter.  I look like 32.  Going to the gym every day does that.  I'm still receptive to "new" poets.  I've suddenly become interested in a woman poet, which is unusual for me (except for Sylvia).  Her name is Kathleen Raine. She was a great friend of the naturalist, Gavin Maxwell. In fact, it's been said that she was deeply in love with him, despite the fact that he was gay. Gavin loved her, but not romantically. Gavin lived much of his adult life during the same time period as Eliot, although Eliot was born 25 years before him.  They both died in the 1960's.  Maxwell did not want it known that he was a homosexual.
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> Jacek Niecko wrote:
>     There was a time in my life when I was quite receptive to Eliot's
> poetry and prose.
>     Now, at 71, I find his opus arid and stilted.

I, at 75, find this true of his prose, but the occasional times on this
list when his poetry has been discussed have led me to a rereading
Gerontion, TWL, & 4Q, and I find my interest in the poems revived
(though still not to the extent to which I respond to Jonson, Milton,
Pope, & Pound).