Dear Carrol, 

As I stated to Nancy, I very much doubt your claim: 

> The elimination of "this stuff" (a good label for
> it) makes Pound nearly
> co-author of the poem. 

Since Pound did not himself eliminate anything from
TWL, this is quite exaggerated. He acted as editor,
giving Eliot suggestions and advice; Eliot himself
decided what to expunge, retain or alter.  Many poems
have been edited in this fashion  (here we have the MS
evidence, of course), but such criticism--when the
author himself makes final decisions-- is not normally
considered an authorial contribution.

Regarding your other remark, 
> Has any critic ever speculated why Eliot chose "such
> stuff" for his first 
> effort at producing heroic couplets?

TWL is not Eliot's first or only attempt at couplets.
'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock' has quite a few
heroic--or rather, unheroic--couplets. 

Yours, Jennifer