I'm sorry (lest I'm misunderstood) I only wished to laugh away the pain I reaped in the process of highlighting someone else's.  All the same I'm grateful for having learnt quite a few things. That's about all there is to it.  Take it easy, folks.  -- CR

cr mittal <[log in to unmask]> wrote:Whosoever's pain it may be, the harvest is always rich. :)  Keep going.

Peter Montgomery <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
I'm surprised to see the interest in Eliot's pain.
I'm sure we have gone through the subject in past discussions,
but not so much with the facus on the pain itself. One
thought about the pain, Dantesque if it might be, is the
various references to the Erinyes as in Sweeney Ag epigraph
and Family Reunion, perhaps as symbolic of guilt cf the
Hoo Haas.


Marcia Karp wrote:

> Dear Nancy and all,
>>I am not clear about what point is being made. Why are you
>>"commemorating" Eliot's pain--especially since it was an apparently very
>>personal psychoneurosis (his own account, not mine--"aboulia," emotional
>>not mental, etc., see letters) in a time when very terrible death and
>>sorrow is occuring to thousands?
> What time you do have in mind when this wasn't so?
>>I'm sure this will produce a mass fit, but it seems a somewhat
>>inappropriate time for such prompting.
> I'm glad you don't think it /fully /inappropriate. It isn't, at all, 
> especially in this forum. Without the optional testimony of sorrow 
> that doesn't make the news, "I'm sure" some people might think that 
> pain forced into public is the only pain that matters. Since when are 
> sorrows in competition?
> Marcia
> PS Shall I say I am sure you'll call this a fit? I'd rather think 
> more highly of you than to say (or think) so.
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