You're quite welcome, Marcia.
Regarding the Pope: I don't find similar tone for the
most part (the Fresca section was probably the most
similar). For sake of space, I only sent the content
of the connections, which is probably the closest
similarity (as well as some of the form and philosophy
of composition). He spoke of Pope a couple times in
that last year of TWL's composition, and my paper
actually addressed how different the poems are despite
their similarities. I believe they are setting out to
do different things and so come to different
conclusions. I would certainly be interested in your
thoughts if you end up having any time to consider the

Best wishes,

--- Marcia Karp <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Thanks, Will.  It is really nice of you to give such
> a detailed report.  
> I'm sorry to have missed the conference.
> Thanks, too, for the Pope message a while back.  I
> have no reply but 
> gratitude for your pointing out connections.  I'm
> not yet sure how much 
> of "The Rape of the Lock" I find in TWL.  The tones
> are so different 
> that I'll have to spend more time thinking this
> through.
> Best,
> Marcia

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