Dear Ms.Marcia,

If this info could be any help to you, I remember
Leavis making a passing reference of an apparent
similarity of Eliot and Pope (I think in 'Revaluation'
and the poem he found similarity was with 'Prufrock').

- vishvesh

--- Carrol Cox <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Marcia Karp wrote:
> > 
> > I'm not yet sure how much
> > of "The Rape of the Lock" I find in TWL.  The
> tones are so different
> > that I'll have to spend more time thinking this
> through.
> I have similar difficulty in seeing such a
> resemblance, mostly not
> wholly because of the difference of tone. Perhaps
> the Ethic Epistles or
> Book II of the Dunciad offer more parallels. There
> is more similarity of
> tone there to the portraits in TWL.
> Pope was concerned with the pollution of the public
> mind*; Eliot in TWL
> seems to assume that the public mind is either
> non-existent or by its
> nature corrupt, as Tennyson in the Idylls could see
> public events _only_
> in terms of private or individual morality.
> That is all off my fingertips, & may not even
> suggest anything. I was
> just getting into a study of Dunciad II back in 1965
> when LBJ's invasion
> of the Dominican Republic sent my time, thought, &
> energyies down quite
> different paths and I never got back to it.
> Carrol

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