> "Loucks, James" wrote:
> I think Pound and Hayward were very different "cats" in TSE's
> menagerie, partly because they emerged in quite different phases of
> TSE's life. 

My only point in referencing Hayward was to illustrate the kind of
'help' that probably most poets look for from friends (or even enemies,
as Pope notes*), and which certainly do not make the friend a co-author.
This does not establish that Pound _is_ a co-author, but it does
differentiate the TWL case as not merely an instance of a general

Consider a hypothetical case. Supposedly, Pound reduced _In a Station in
the Metro_ from an original draft of sixteen lines to the present two
lines. Suppose that it had not been Pound himself but Eliot (or Yeats)
that had done most of the cutting? _Then_ we would have had a better
parallel to what Pound did for TWL but which (I assume) Hayward did NOT
do for 4Q. (Or which Donne's friends did not do for his mss.)

In reference to Marcia's subject line. It's Eliot's poem -- but I don't
think Eliot's poem came fully into existence until Pound discovered it.
Eliot himself had not quite realized what he had wrought. That is
different from other forms of help given by one poet to another.


*I forget now which passages in which poems, but some of Pope's
revisions in his poems were in response to criticisms written by