Vishvesh Obla wrote:
> ' I see echoes of Swift in TSE's image of women: for
> instance both of them were bothered by the fact that
> women had bodily functions '
> I remember a stanza from Swift that Lawrence quoted
> often which went like this:
> 'but celia s***s...' (to rhyme with spits)

But, if you fail; my Spectre dread,
Attending nightly round your Bed;
And yet, I dare confide in you;
So, take my Secret, and adieu.

  Nor, wonder how I lost my Wits:
Oh! _Celia, Celia, Celia_, sh--.
	(Cassinus and Peter: A Tragical Essay)

It is at least arguable (and has been argued) that Swift is _satirizing_
Cassinus. It can't be argued that Eliot is satirizing the persona that
speaks the lines Nancy quotes.