Dear Craig,

He should be studied for the reason you give:  he created brilliant
images and verses.  My students at every level in college love his work.
 One does not study simply to have one's views reinforced or to praise: 
one studies to understand, to experience, to know.  And Eliot was also
the most influential poet and critic of his time.  You cannot understand
modernism without knowing Eliot.

I think his own experience and his representation of it also reveal
fundamental issues of living in a world of war and
displacement--emotional as well as physical.

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Eliot's poetry on the whole strikes me as repulsive and yet there are
images and verses that are more compelling than any other words I have
read. If anyone can articulate why Eliot is worth studying (with a 16/17
year old audience in mind) I would be grateful for your thoughts. 

Kind regards,


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