Marcia Karp wrote:
> I'm not yet sure how much
> of "The Rape of the Lock" I find in TWL.  The tones are so different
> that I'll have to spend more time thinking this through.

I have similar difficulty in seeing such a resemblance, mostly not
wholly because of the difference of tone. Perhaps the Ethic Epistles or
Book II of the Dunciad offer more parallels. There is more similarity of
tone there to the portraits in TWL.

Pope was concerned with the pollution of the public mind*; Eliot in TWL
seems to assume that the public mind is either non-existent or by its
nature corrupt, as Tennyson in the Idylls could see public events _only_
in terms of private or individual morality.

That is all off my fingertips, & may not even suggest anything. I was
just getting into a study of Dunciad II back in 1965 when LBJ's invasion
of the Dominican Republic sent my time, thought, & energyies down quite
different paths and I never got back to it.