Yes, TSE stayed in Charlottesville, at a prof's home, for the ASG lectures, then went back north to meet this other commitments, including in NYC (e.g., a party for TSE in NYC attended by Marianne Moore; it might have been at the same time as the Wilson encounter). TSE's brother, Henry, was then a resident of Manhattan, and TSE stayed at Henry's digs while in the Big Apple. Henry, also a writer (detective stories) amid other endeavors, was TSE's greatest fan.
Interestingly, TSE's comments on the numbers of "free-thinking Jews" in the UVa lectures went virtually unnoticed in the papers (including the student paper at UVa, by the way). But his recent host at Hopkins (Baltimore), Prof Boas, a philosopher, did take note (and umbrage) at the remarks, saying that he could relieve TSE of at least one [Jew's] acquaintance, namely his [Boas']. TSE never replied to this brush-off, which was well merited. The fact that he did not points to one rather unpleasant side of TSE's character: his willingness to abandon male friendships when he felt they had run their course or outlived their utility, as witness Aiken and Aldington in the 1920's, and later Hayward. But he remained loyal to some who had turned against him, such as W. Lewis, on whom he took due pity when the latter went blind. --  Jim


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Was that (June 1933) just after the After Strange Gods lectures?  Could be very informative.
Robert Meyer

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	Hi all,  --  Just wondering if anyone has picked up a copy of the new bio of Edmund Wilson, who had interesting things to say about TSE, and with whom he interacted personally in 1933 (and maybe at other times). It was EW who got TSE seriously drunk in (I think) June 1933 in NYC, a few days before TSE sailed for England, and who felt remorseful over it. 
	If you've seen the book, does EW's biographer have anything new to say about TSE?  --  Jim