I assume Vendler came down on the side that says TSE retained autonomy/authority in the face of EP's vigorous editing. I'd love to see notes on what she actually said.
You're absolutely right about the tradition of poets showing their work to other poets The Renaissance and 17th C. poets circulated their poetry Mss. among their peers. Donne's unpublished poetry was known in certain circles; the 1890s Rhymers Club met and recited poetry-in-progress;. Lowell and E. Bishop talked poetry in their letters, etc...
TSE was very receptive to "editing" from directors and actors when he staged his plays, by the way. That did not imply undue deference or complaisance on his part: his only aim was to emerge with a better work of art.  --  Jim
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Subject: Whose poem this is I think I know

Dear Jennifer,
    I know you weren't at the TSE Society meeting in Gloucester.  Helen Vendler was quite vociferous, and I think, quite right, in taking on a claim someone made about Pound being E's collaborating author on TWL.  I don't know if she is in print on this, but I wish she were, since I've lost the details of what she said.
    Like you, I believe there is a difference between wrote the poem and who didn't.  I've yet to understand why it seems as if people discuss Eliot as if he is strange in being a poet who showed his work to other poets.


Nancy Gish wrote:

	Dear Jennifer,
	I think this is a Jamesian quibble.  No one thinks Pound held a gun at
	Eliot's head and forced him to cut or die.  We know he told him many
	parts should be cut, and Eliot accepted the editing.
	No one has to accept editing, true.  But it was Pound who identified
	this to be cut.
	I don't care it you want to change the words because the facts are well
	known.   A  la James--it only makes a difference if it makes a
	difference, and it doesn't.

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	Dear Nancy, 
	I know we've had this quibble before, but, in contrary
	to what you say this post (Revulsion) about Pound, 
	"[It was Pound who removed this stuff from TWL.]"
	Pound did not, properly, remove anything from TWL. He
	gave Eliot suggestions, and Eliot himself decided what
	to alter and expunge; sometimes acting on Pound's
	advice, sometimes disregarding it. 
	Yours, Jennifer