Hi Ken,  --  It's been entertaining to see the brouhaha over the last decade over TSE, involving as it did M. Hastings, Tom Paulin, Raine, et al. I think it was a salutary thing because it aired issues that had been lurking and needed to be outed, including TSE's alleged misogyny.
Speaking of which, I see echoes of Swift in TSE's image of women: for instance both of them were bothered by the fact that women had bodily functions (Swift once mentioned "periodic filth," if I recall correctly). Maybe Swift, like TSE, suffered from horror feminae? 
I  think more needs to be done with TDE's links with Augustan figures such as Swift and Pope (whose couplets were "pastiched" in the TWL Ms.).  --  Jim
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Thanks for this reference to Raine. I took my Sunday "free time" and went
directly to the library to scope out his _In Defence of T S Eliot_.  Who
could resist that title, at least on this list? I'm not sure in what way he
is arch in his defence of TSE -- it all seemed rather measured and calm
(and witty--hope that doesn't mean he's a neocon!  : ) --  but he does have
the merits of being logical and factual to a fault.  Very enjoyable. And in
the often-thought-but-ne'er-so-well-expressed dept., he's read my mind and
better said it on C. Ricks.  His piece on Salinger and _Catcher in the Rye_
shone real light, too. A pleasure to meet Mr. Raine.

Ken A.

At 12:11 PM 9/10/2005, you wrote:
>Kate -- I think Kathleen Raine got into religious verse in her later years
>(or am I thinking of another woman poet?). Do you know if she is related
>to Craig Raine, an arch-defender of TSE?  --  Jim Loucks