At 11:05 AM 9/21/2005, Jacek Niecko wrote:

>I suspect most listers will be glad to know (if they do not know already) 
>that the September 16 issue of The Times Literary Supplement carries on 
>pp. 14-15 an excellent parody, by the late Sir Maurice Bowra, of some of 
>Eliot's pompous poetry,

   Disappointing I thought, more like monotonous monody than parody. There 
was one line it I liked: "Prey on us now and in the hour of our debt." But 
that may just be a reflection of my pecuniary sympathies.

  A few years ago, maybe thirty or so, I tried to write not so much a 
parody as an alternate version of Prufrock. I got one section almost where 
I wanted it and gave up. What seems so familiar and is "early Eliot," after 
all, is not, however, easy to do a good parody of.  Bowra's one dimensional 
lines are testimony to that.

Ken A.