here is the website of a section I am organizing at
the important conference »Innovations and
Reproductions in Cultures and Societies« taking place
in VIENNA, 9th-11th of Dec. 2005.

It is a major biannual Austrian Conference in
literatures and cultures, proceedings are published
in a book and presented at Frankfurt Fair, the
abstracts are published online.

The section title is HEILIGE VS. UNHEILIGE SCHRIFT -
the panel is mainly in GERMAN, English contributions
are accepted as well.

Homepage on section:

The website for the whole conference is:

Deadline: September 25, you should send
* the title of the contribution you are offering
* abstract (half page), .rtf or .doc
* CV

Thank you very much,
Martin Hainz

Mag. Dr. Martin A. HAINZ 
Universität Wien · Institut für Germanistik 
Tel. +43 - (0)2252 - 25 44 75 | Fax +43 - (0)1 - 4277 94 21 


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