Perthaps the Dunciad notes inspied E. for the Waste Land notes,
not to mention Esdras Barnivelt, Apothecary's Key to the Lock
(trick observation).

I could also throw in the anecdote that Marshall McLuhan told me that
the notes were needed to fill up space for the book. He got it from the
horse's mouth, in this case, the horse being E.P. himself, whom MM
visited in St. Elizabeth's several times with, I think, his protegé Hugh
Kenner in tow once or twice. So it was spread somehat like folk lore.
But that is just an anecdote. MM. also reported to me that Pound said
"The Hollow Men" consisted of parts rejected by Pound from the
TWL ms. That turns out to have been wrong.


Marcia Karp wrote:

> Dear Jennifer,
> Thank you for setting this matter on some firm basis.
> Peter, you might look, too, at Lawrence Rainey's essay, "The Price of 
> Modernism: Publishing The Waste Land’." But read it in Ronald Bush's
> T. S. Eliot: The Modernist in History (CUP, 1991), since the versions 
> of it in his recent books are less clear on the notes. What you'll be 
> most interested in is E's letter to Maurice Firuski. I don't think 
> that you or Rainey or anyone has yet to be convincing that they know 
> what was E's motive for including the notes. Perhaps when I get a 
> chance to read Jennifer's suggested pages, I'll have to retract this 
> -- I hope so.
> Notes to other works? Those to the Dunciad are notorious and lovely.
> Marcia

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