CC rider:if the person ('common' reader, critic, scholar,
CC rider:historian, what-have-you) makes a more or less
CC rider:persuasive case that the world she/he 'creates'
CC rider:is at least homologous to if not identical with
CC rider:the world created in the text.

PM: A common error of 19th century thinking.
PM:Such a construction is impossible.

GC:Why? If this were the case, how should we converse?
GC:How should I respond to anything you have to say?
GC:And how should we evaluate any piece of writing -
     merely by how it resonates upon our eardrums?
I guess if people are mutually deluded by the idea that the above
daydream of correspondence is through content then they can
get along with their conventional deluson. Pop goes
the weasel and the ballon.

To each his own.


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