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I see  now it was a poor choice to make a comparison with MacDonalds.
What I was  really getting at was the powerful effect of a strong
marketing campaign:  the fact that good marketing can sell even poor
quality food to so  many  millions is an example of the enormous impact,
but of course  this is known to all.

I did not intend any derision towards content (of  TWL) in that
comparison whatsoever, if it seemed I did. I just want to  clarify.


You have nothing to apologize for, but let me say to you this.  There  is a 
teacher in the Congo.  Once a week, she brings the schoolkids on a  walking 
journey that lasts hours in order to go to a centrally located "village"  that 
actually has a MacDonalds.  That greasy processed protein that is  giving 
Americans kids problems such as obesity and diabetes is saving the lives  of those 
kids, as the greasy processed protein that MacDonalds serves is the  only 
protein that these kids ever receive.They bring water with them and when  finally 
there, she buys each child two cheeseburgers each, not fries or anything  else. 
 There isn't the money and the important thing is the protein.   And, believe 
it or not, the hamburger at the MacDonalds she brings these  children to is 
probably far inferior to the what is served in every town in  America if that 
is possible.  Yet, because of this teacher's efforts, the  health of these 
children have improved significantly.  So, next time you're  tempted to put down 
MacDonalds . . . .