Vishvesh Obla wrote:
> "Can what is said about Morality and Art in the novel
> be said generally not just for poetry and drama, but
> for painting, dance and music?"
> A rhetorical question as that in relation to Leavis
> and Lawrence arouse in me the curiosity to know if
> Eliot made any inferences to arts and music in his
> works.  I cannot recollect anything specific, and I
> would appreciate any references to them.  Thank You.

If it is a rhetorical question, what is the expected answer. It isn't at
all clear to me that the answer can be yes.

And what is "Art" [with an uppercase A] IN (?)* the novel anyhow? The
question does not really make sense (nor do (or the propositions


*Art _of_ the novel might make sense, but not "in" the novel.