Jean Verdenal (11 May 1890 - 2 May 1915) died 90 years ago a few days
short of his 25th birthday during the infamous Gallipoli Campaign of
World War I.  His friend T. S. Eliot dedicated his first volume of
poetry, "Prufrock and other Observations," to him:
   To Jean Verdenal

"mort aux Dardanelles" was added in 1925 but Verdenal's year of birth
was not corrected.

T.S. Eliot and Jean Verdenal
   My informational page on Verdenal

Jean Verdenal: T.S. Eliot's French Friend
   Article by Claudio Perinot
   Based on information supplied by Jean Verdenal's nephew

Battle of Gallipoli
   In Turkey the campaign is known as the Çanakkale SavaSlari.
   In Britain it is called the Dardanelles Campaign and in Australia,
   New Zealand and Newfoundland it is known simply as Gallipoli.

First Battle of Krithia
   Likely where and when Verdenal died.  A couple of articles:

In the end, the French "suffered over 2,000 casualties". In fact,
French grave-diggers could not bury all those who had fallen: "The
French, finding the ground too hard, or perhaps the task too great,
slung some bodies over the cliffs into the swift-flowing Dardanelles".
                     Donald Childs, "Stetson in The Waste Land"
                     Essays in Criticism, (April 1988)

   Rick Parker