Makes sense to me, and $$$ to them, no doubt.

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I suppose that would include TSE's "Hamlet and His Problems" since I
think "The Sacred Wood" was published in 1922, therefore wouldn't have
the "copyright concerns" commented on in the article (in the US, at


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Why do I think that this will make even Rickard drool? ;->


>From Edupage list for May 11

An online database that includes all available commentary on
Shakespeare's Hamlet is expected to debut within the next few months.
The database was the brainchild of Bernice W. Kliman, who, in the early
1990s was working on a printed edition of such a collection for the
Modern Language Association. Kliman saw the Internet as a better tool
for such a project, and she raised about $1 million from the National
Endowment for the Humanities for her idea. Over the past 10 years,
scholars including Eric C. Rasmussen, a professor of English at the
University of Nevada at Reno, have been working to gather every bit of
scholarship and criticism ever written about the play and add it to the
database. When the database is complete, users will be "able to see 400
years' worth of commentary" for any single line of the play, according
to Rasmussen. Certain items from critics in the 20th century had to be
left out, however, due to copyright concerns. "We tried to, of course,
credit the edition," said Kliman, "but also just paraphrase rather than
copy sentence by sentence." Chronicle of Higher Education, 10 May 2005

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