Had another Big Adventure looking for birds from Kansas City, to the MO Ozarks, to the bootheel, and back again...

Left Kansas City about midnight, Sunday night (4-24). 
Checked a few spots in western MO (Bates County) for Common Poorwill, without success.

Drove through the reclaimed lands, Henry County, between the towns of Montrose and Germantown about 2:30am. This is an interesting landscape, and was loaded with birds tonight:
Grasshopper Sparrow-5
Henslow's Sparrow-6
Great Horned Owl-3 
Barred Owl-8
These birds were counted as I stopped and listened in 6 different places. The Chuck-Will's-Widow density was higher near the barrow pits with woods nearby.

Yes, I was at Binder Lake(Cole County, W. of Jefferson City) at daybreak. Picked up Northern Oriole and Wood Thrush. Looked for Anhinga for about 30 min. and quickly moved on...

From Salem, MO., I drove Hwy 19 south to Greer, picking up new annual birds along the way...
Round Spring campground, Shannon County, MO:
Cerulean Warbler-3
White-Eyed Vireo-1
Red Eyed Vireo-2

Mahan Roadside Pulloff, Hwy 19, Shannon County, MO:
First "wave" of spring '05!! Too many birds to identify moving through the Oaks on this ridgetop...Highlights:
Black Throated Green Warbler-4
Nashville Warbler-3
Tennessee Warbler-6
Yellow-Rumped Warbler-8
Worm-Eating Warbler-1
Blue-Headed Vireo-1
Indigo Bunting-2
Orchard Oriole-3
Northern Oriole-1
Picked up Broad-Winged Hawk and Prarie Warbler along Hwy. !9, heading south.

Highway 19/Highway 60 junction, Winona, MO (Shannon County):
Eurasian Collared Dove-2 (Obvious breeding pair; I didn't 
     know that ECD's had penetrated this far into the 

Arrived at Greer Campground, 11-Point River (Oregon County) about 10:30am:
Hooded Warbler-6
Swainson's Warbler-2
Cerulean Warbler-6
American Redstart-5
Blue-Winged Warbler-1
Chestnut-Sided Warbler-1
Bell's Vireo-1
N.Parula, L. Waterthrush, C.Yellowthroat, Yellow Warbler, Prothonotary, Black & White, Kentucky, Yellow-Throated.
Great-Crested Flycatcher-1

Drove to Big Oak Tree/10 Mile Pond, Mississippi County, MO:
10 Mile Pond is FULL of water. The areas just east of Hwy. 102 are flooded. No shorebird habitat.
Birded Big Oak Tree SP about 2:30 pm. Highlights:
Lincoln's Sparrow-2
Winter Wren-1
Palm Warbler-3
Orange-Crowned Warbler-2
Grey Catbird-1
At this point, I had 23 Warbler species for the day! It was also at this point when I got the call about the Marbled Godwit at Eagle Bluffs. Drove straight through from Big Oak Tree SP to Eagle Bluffs CA (in a rainstorm, of course). Ran out of daylight about 20 mins. from Eagle Bluffs (arrgh!). Grabbed a few hours of precious sleep in my car and was at the distribution channel across from pool 8 before first light (4-26). Of course, the Avocets and the Godwit had moved on. Picked up Wilson's Phalarope and Willet at EBCA (Many thanks for the H2O, Edge!!) and began the last leg of my trip home to KCMO. Felt good to get on some warblers finally!!
Good Gonzo Birding,
Doug Willis
Kansas City, MO

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