* Missouri
* Statewide
* 27 Apr, 2005
* MOST0504.27

- Species Mentioned

Peregrine Falcon
Yellow Rail
American Avocet
Marbled Godwit
Greater Roadrunner
Swainson’s Warbler
Spotted Towhee
Yellow-headed Blackbird

Coverage:  Missouri Statewide
Compiler:  Kristi Mayo
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Compiled 27 Apr, 2005

This is the Wednesday, April 27, 2005 Missouri Bird Alert, a statewide 
service of the Audubon Society of Missouri, serving the birding 
community of Missouri since 1901.  The bird alert is compiled from 
reports submitted by ASM members and other birders throughout the state.

YELLOW RAILS are apparently out and about in northwestern Missouri. On 
Monday, April 25 and Tuesday, April 26, Tommie Rogers flushed a rail 
from the wet prairie at Squaw Creek NWR (Holt Co.). This area is 
off-limits to the public, but birders may want to check other 
accessible areas with suitable habitat for this migrating species.

Also at Squaw Creek NWR, one PEREGRINE FALCON was present on Tuesday, 
April 26, reported Tommie Rogers.

Eagle Bluffs CA is boasting some good shorebird habitat, and a few good 
finds were reported this week. On Monday, April 25, Edge Wade reported 
that eight AMERICAN AVOCETS and one MARBLED GODWIT were present in the 
distribution channel across from the Pool 8 parking lot. These birds 
were not refound on Tuesday.

One GREATER ROADRUNNER was spotted in Laclede County by Brian Dereu on 
Thursday, April 21. The bird was seen running across Hwy D about 
halfway between the town of Eldridge and Ha Ha Tonka SP.

Doug Willis reported that two SWAINSON’S WARBLERS were present and 
singing at the campground at the Greer access to the Eleven-Point River 
(Oregon Co.) on Monday, April 25.

A WILLET was seen by Mark Mittleman near the Blue Grosbeak Trail at 
Weldon Spring CA (St. Charles Co.) on Thursday, April 21. The bird was 
utilizing one of the new ponds that are being constructed to the right 
of the main fork in the trail. Another WILLET was reported by Dave 
Rogles at the Lincoln Shields Recreation Area at Riverlands 
Environmental Demonstration Area (REDA) (St. Charles Co.) on Monday, 
April 25. On the morning of Wednesday, April 27, Josh Uffman found 12 
WILLETS at REDA in Ellis Bay across from Heron Pond.

Also at REDA, one male YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD was reported by Connie 
Alwood on Tuesday, April 26. The bird was among other blackbirds near 
the end of the road to the Confluence SP. On Wednesday, April 27, Joe 
Eades found two YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRDS in the same area.

On Friday, April 22, Paul Johnson and a number of other birders saw one 
SPOTTED TOWHEE at Tower Grove Park (St. Louis) near the house east of 
the Gaddy Bird Garden. This bird was last reported in the same location 
on Monday, April 25 by Mark Mittleman.

Information regarding membership in the Audubon Society of Missouri may 
be obtained from Bonnie Heidy, Membership Chair, at 573-442-2191, Joyce 
Bathke, Treasurer, at 573-445-5758, or at the Audubon Society of 
Missouri webpage:

Kristi Mayo
Missouri RBA compiler
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