Vishvesh Obla wrote:
> "I liked a lot Eliot's value judgments on 'Form' (the
> whole interview was a pleasure to read).  'The form
> gave impetus to the content'. 'It wasn't quite so
> libre as much vers', 'I don't think good poetry can be
> produced in a kind of political attempt to overthrow
> some existing form' :  Eliot has made subtle points
> here which are also found in many of his critical
> essays.  Reading such passages lead to a finer
> perception of the relation of 'form' to poetry and to
> wonder if what we generally read as 'Vers Libre' is
> really what Eliot (and Pound) tried in his (their)
> works. "

A much later experiment with form led to an amazing transformation
of an Eliot poem.  There was a rework done of "The Waste Land" where
a shortened and more rigid form led to the simplification of TWL
where the meaning is clear.

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