Wouldn't the use of terza rima in LG suggest a link?


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Subject: Four Quartets and "Tradition" - a query

I tucked the following paragraph into a post on a quite different topic
over two years ago. As far as I can remember or discover in any saved
posts, there was no response. I think the question is more interesting
than conducting a grilling cross-examination of a poster  on just
exactly what did she mean in such and such a sentence. Anyhow, I'm
interested if anyone has any ideas on the topic.

Query: Did Eliot intend (or to what extent did he intend) the reader
consciously to observe a link between the 4Q and Dante's _Paradiso_? Say
of the sort between TWL and the Canterbury Tales established by the
first line of that poem. I would assume that the pervasive use of
imagery echoing the four elements in 4Q links that poem -- or those
poems - to the echo of Chaucer in TWL??*****

If there is an intended link, then the tattered arras of East Coker also
points back to Dante (in my beginning is my end) and through Dante the
compound ghost incorporates Virgil & through Virgil Homer???????