Panel at the annual meeting of the American Society for 
Eighteenth-Century Studies in Montreal, March 30 - April 2 2006.

"New Queer Methods and Texts" (Gay and Lesbian Caucus)
In the field of queer and sexuality studies in the eighteenth century, 
we all follow in the wake of Foucault, but it can no longer be assumed 
that we are arguing with him, whether for or against.  This panel seeks 
submissions that propose, develop or otherwise utilize new theoretical 
frameworks, methodologies, or strategies to read for queerness before 
the invention of the homosexual.

We seek:
* Alternate constructions and intersections of same-sex desires and/or 
* Ambiguities in familiar texts, artifacts and accounts that can be 
* New texts which require surprising sexual re-orientations.
* Historically sensitive elaborations as well as productive 
* Investigations into unexpected discourses -- not only juridical, 
medical and aesthetic discourses need be the sites in which we locate 
queer possibilities.
* Proposals that our CFP cannot anticipate.

Send proposals to both panel organizers:  Derrick Miller 
([log in to unmask]) and Aurora Wolfgang ([log in to unmask]) by 
Friday, September 16, 2005.

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