CFP: Women and Contemporary European Cinema (4/1/06; Winte

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Subject: CFP: Women and Contemporary European Cinema

Dr Owen Evans
Dept of Media and Communication Studies
University of Wales Swansea

Studies in European Cinema
Special Issue: Women and Contemporary European Cinema


Articles are now being sought for a special issue of Studies in European
Cinema that will focus on the theme 'Women and Contemporary Cinema', to
be published as the Winter 2006 issue of the journal.

In an era which has often been described as post-feminist, is the
question of women and film still one that needs posing, or has the
'woman problem' now been adequately resolved? Film studies continues to
debate the interaction of women and cinema, but have the representations
and the involvement of women in film changed so very much? While some
commentators might argue (or simply wish) that the question of women and
cinema is no longer relevant, this appears to be an opportune time to
take stock and review where we have got to now that the dust has
supposedly settled. The specific focus for this special issue of Studies
in European Cinema is contemporary European cinema, that which can be
considered to have been produced in an arguably post-feminist era. The
issue as a whole seeks to shed some light on the extent to which women
as subject and object interact with European cinema today, and the
degree to which this interaction has negotiated not only the social,
political and cultural transformations affecting women in the past but
also our perceptions of women and film after the extensive development
of feminist film studies.

We are therefore seeking papers from female scholars in the field, in
the first instance, on the premise that women's own approach to European
film is prioritised and that women should be the leading movers in any
ongoing debate. Papers may address any aspects of women in contemporary
European cinema. The notion of 'contemporary' in this instance refers
primarily to the cinema of the past twenty years, and those submitting
papers should confine themselves to this frame. Submissions should be
sent to the guest editor, Dr. Ann Davies (electronic format in Word
preferred). Style guidelines for submissions can be found at The deadline for submissions is 1 April 2006.
Dr. Ann Davies
Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
Old Library
University of Newcastle
Newcastle NE1 7RU
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Studies in European Cinema provides an outlet for research into any
aspect of European cinema and is unique in its interdisciplinary nature,
celebrating the rich and diverse cultural heritage across the continent.
The journal is distinctive in bringing together a range of contexts -
the cultural, historical, textual and many others. The journal is
concerned with discussing all subjects relating to European cinema: its
scope encompasses the history, cultures, identities, styles, forms and
audiences of Europe, its directors, actors, cinematographers, composers
and technicians.

Dr. Ann Davies
Lecturer in Spanish Studies and Director of MA in Film
Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
School of Modern Languages
Old Library
University of Newcastle
Newcastle NE1 7RU
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