As a participant in the Truman Lake Wetland Restoration Partnership, ASM has made the commitment to provide $2,080 in-kind contribution by monitoring birds in the restoration areas.  This is extremely important to document impact and thereby provide justification for this and other restoration projects.  The bird monitoring will be done by ASM members and MDC biologists.

We need volunteers for the work.  There will actually be two projects ASM will be involved in.  One effort will be the monitoring, the other will be the "bird list development."

1. Monitoring:
The monitoring will be nesting and breeding marsh birds, migrating and resident waterfowl, breeding song birds and wintering birds.  The survey times are:
a. 2005 – April 20 – May 15 
June 15 – July 15
	(Several visits between now and July 15th would be great so there can be as 
  much information collected as possible before the restoration work begins.
b. 2006, 2007, and 2008:
Feb. 15 – March 15
April 20 – May 15 
June 15 – July 15

	The 7 or 8 will need to be monitored at least once during each survey time.  The plan is to have 1 monitoring coordinator and 3 – 5 monitoring teams of 2 or 3 people.  Mileage from home to site, food and lodging (if needed) will be reimbursed.  

Each team will be expected to keep complete and accurate field notes for each field trip, including location, date, weather conditions, observers, species observed, numbers, locations of bird foraging activity and nesting locations.  Each team should be able to recognize species by sight and be able to walk on rough ground.  Each team should have at least one member who can recognize species by vocalizations and have boots or hip waders to walk in wet areas.  

A training session, data forms and maps will be provided.  In addition, MDC staff have volunteered to lead a couple of field trips to help the monitoring teams get started.

2. Site bird lists:
These will be developed from data collected from regular birding.  The sites will be made available for birds by people who just want to bird them at any time of the year.  The purpose is to develop bird lists with species occurrence throughout the year.  Forms for recording data will be provided.  People will be asked to do the equivalent of a Christmas bird count each time a site is birded.  We hope people will voluntarily bird the sites every month over the project period.  Forms will be provided for each time someone or some group birds a site.  This data will be gathered through regular birding as opposed to the more focused monitoring surveys.

Plans are being made to have a field trip scheduled to begin the site bird list effort.

You don’t have to volunteer to contribute to the site bird lists, but do need to get the necessary forms for each site birding visit.  The checklist is being worked on and should be done by April 20.  Will let everyone know how it can be obtained when that is worked out. 

I thank you in advance for your participation in this important wetlands project.  It is critical that ASM work to restore bird habitat.  We look forward to many people volunteering to contribute to the enhancement of quality birding opportunities in Missouri.  If you are willing to help, please let me know by email.  We will then let you know how you can help.    

My contact information is:
Email =  [log in to unmask]
Phone= 573-445-6697
(I much prefer to hear from you by email.)

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