Midwest Modern Language Association

November 10-13, 2005 in Milwaukee


Thomas Mann Fifty Years Later: New Approaches


In the fifty years since his death in 1955, our view of Thomas Mann and our understanding of his fictional and non-fictional writings have changed considerably. The publication of his diaries, which the author had delayed deliberately - the last volume was published in 1995 - as well as the recent publication of a new critical edition and developments in the field of Germanistik in general, have inspired new approaches to the author's persona and his work, and have led to a re-evaluation of ideas that have long oriented Thomas Mann scholarship. This session is looking for new approaches to Mann's works that are informed by recent developments in, e.g., culture studies, gender studies, post-colonial studies, socio-historical studies, or others. Please send inquiries and 200-word abstract by April 15 to Esther Bauer ([log in to unmask]).


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