2005 SCMLA Convention, Houston, TX, October 27-29

The theme of the conference is "Literary Spaces." 

The panel on German-speaking women authors invites all papers that engage the conference theme of literary spaces. More specifically, we are interested in the city as literary space. Papers might address the role the city plays in the process of creative production or in the work of German-speaking women writers. What kinds of spaces or niches, cultural centers or groups provide opportunities for the development and/or expression of cultural identity? Papers might also address the question of how cities must be contextualized  i.e. pre-/post-1989 Berlin, 1940s Vienna, or contemporary Basel. 

Submit abstracts of 500 words or less by March 15, 2005, to: Donovan Anderson, Department of Modern Languages, University of Dallas: [log in to unmask]

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