I think the problem with modern "Academia" lies not with the knowledge that Academia has to offer or the knowledge that it is willing to dispense to the country or world at large but with the perception that the Professors who make up Academia have created some sort of isolated society, which is anti-U.S. government, no matter what the issue, and Academia has suffered from this perception.
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don’t want to go deep into the related details (the
URL has enough details), but I am concerned if that
statement has a very tragic paradox implied in it.
Can ‘Academy’ be only an isolated organization
promoting intelligence only to the few related to it ?
Or is it that the ‘Academy’ has become so
sophisticated that no one other than it can make any
sense of it ?  Either way, as related to a statement
as that, despite what goes before it, seems to me only
to imply a malady of our modern education.