My thanks for all the responses. Arthur Symons waxed very poetic about
in THE SYMBOLIST MOVEMENT. Several things he said are reminiscent of Eliot
on Baudelaire. I couldn't recall Eliot having said anything on H. and I
began to wonder
why. E.'s statement about H's interesti in Christianity being a petty
affair don't square
with what Symons says at all. That also is interesting. The following
quote from Symons
is very relevant to studying the moderns:

"What is Symbolism if not an establishing the links which hold the
universe together,
the affirmation of an etermal, minute, intricate, almost invisible life
wich runs through
out the universe?"

cf Eliot's "I am moved by fancies that are curled
               Around these images, and cling:
               The notion of some infinitely gentle
               Infinitely suffering thing."


Richard Badenhausen wrote:

>In the second-to-last paragraph of the "Lancelot Andrewes" essay (1926),
>Eliot writes that Donne is the type "who seek[s] refuge in religion from
>the tumults of a strong emotional temperament which can find no complete
>satisfaction elsewhere.  He is not wholly without kinship to Huysmans."
>A more extended commentary appears in the middle of the Baudelaire
>essay (1930), where Eliot claims Huysmans is a "first-rate realist" who
>"only succeeds in making his diabolism interesting when her treats it
>externally."  He later refers to Huysmans' interest in Christianity as a
>"petty affair."
>Both are collected in _Selected Essays_.
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>Anyone know if Eliot made any reference to this french novelist at
>Have a good lent,
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